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2022 Award Recipients

Summer Cycle

Mentor: Maria Nicholas (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Diora Sockabasin (Passamaquoddy) 

Art Form: Beadwork

Mentor: Peter Neptune (Passamaquoddy) 

Student: Darrin Dana (Passamaquoddy)

Art Form: Brown Ash and Sweetgrass Basketry

Mentor: Nancy LaCoote (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Maria Sockabasin (Penobscot) 

Art Form: Beadwork

Mentor: Paula Love-Thorne (Penobscot)

Student: Elizabeth Tomer (Penobscot)

Art Form: Materials Selection (Brown Ash & Sweetgrass)


Winter Cycle

TBA February 2023

2021 Award Recipients

Mentors: Jennifer Neptune (Penobscot) & Frances Soctomah (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Natalie Dana-Lolar

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Peter Neptune (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Darrin Dana

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Donna Meader-York (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Emma Levesque

Art Form: Moccasin making
Mentor: Jennifer Neptune (Penobscot) 

Student: Faye Deconte

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Aron Griffith (Maliseet)

Student: Ever Griffith 

Art Form: Birch bark work
Mentor: Maria Nicholas (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Mirage White

Art Form: Beadwork

2020 Award Recipients

Mentor: Dana Altvater (Passamaquoddy)
Student: Esther Anne

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Dale Dana (Passamaquoddy)
Student: Natalie Lolar

Art Form: Quill work & Basketmaking

Mentor: Kathy Mitchell (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Gwen Mitchell

Art Form: Bead work

Mentor: Tania Morey (Micmac)

Student: Mimique Joseph

Art Form: Basketweaving, Regalia, Hand Drums, Clay Sculpture

Mentor: Molly Jeanette Neptune (Passamaquoddy)

Student: Mischun Cornelius

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Peter James Neptune (Passamaquoddy)
Students: Darrin Dana & Kara Alexandra Neptune

Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Donna Sanipass (Micmac)
Student: Kisuhs Stevens

​Art Form: Basketmaking

Mentor: Sarah Sockbeson (Penobscot)
Student: Amanda Ennis

​Art Form: Basketmaking


Aron Griffith, Maliseet birch bark artist

Basket grouping.jpg

Baskets by Sarah Sockbeson (Penobscot)


Peter Neptune (Passamaquoddy), brown ash basket

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