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How to Apply

Mentors and students should work together in filling out the application form below.

  • The website does NOT have the ability to save your progress on the form so it must be completed in one work session.

  • If you need a worksheet, you may download and print a PDF version (see below) to fill in first. The PDF can be emailed directly to the program, if preferred.

  • When submitting work samples:

    • 1-5 work samples are required for all mentors unless the pair is applying for a material selection and preparation mentorship  (i.e. the focus of the work plan is learning to harvest and prepare materials). Mentors applying for material selection and preparation mentorships are still welcome to submit samples of their work if they feel it will benefit their applications.

    • If possible, we would like to see 1-5 work samples for students. Work samples are not expected for new learners (i.e. those students with little experience with their art form prior to applying for the program). 

  • When sending samples by email, indicate clearly in the file name or folder name who the artist is.

  • When sending samples by U.S. mail or other delivery service, include the name of the artist with the physical samples

Submitting your application materials

Applicants can submit their application by filling out the form below or by emailing a completed application to

mentorship [at] 

Alternatively, a completed application can be mailed to:

Attn: Mentorship Program

PO Box 387

Old Town, ME 04468

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